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New Meter Sets

New Meter Sets

Minimum Bill

A required minimum bill is due on newly set meters for a period of 1 year from date of set even if a meter is not in service.  It is up to the customer to contact our office after one year to stop billing.

Meter Placement

All water meter boxes will be set at ground level.  Any earth movement which will require raising or lowering of boxes wil require additional charges.  Meter must be kept accessible to Southeastern Water at all times.

Check Valve

Please be advised that when the water service for your property is installed, the meter will contain a double check valve.  Then purpose of the check valve s to prevent water that has passed through the meter from re-entering the distribution system in an event that a pressure loss is encountered on the main.  This valve therefore protects the integrity and purity of the district’s distribution system by not allowing each property owners water to re-enter the system during such a failure

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